central bank conducted its third set of asset purchases in September 2012. Also, the Feds zero-bound rates since December 2008 have yet to create hyperinflation. Instead, digitized money continues to pour into equity and corporate bond markets, with bubbles forming in individual stocks and junk bonds, the latter putting investors like pension funds at risk. Tame Inflation Ruchir Sharma, head of emerging markets at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, recently warned in the Wall Street Journal that on average, prices for commodities from oil to coffee to eggs are up 40% since 2009, double the typical commodity-price rebound in postwar recoveries. But didnt commodities prices collapse in 2008 to their lowest level in five decades, as deflation fears swept the markets? So couldnt it be that a big jump in commodities prices since 2009 in reality is a return to normal-track growth? Plain vanilla inflation is not here in a big way. Consumer prices, annualized, is at 2.1% as of June versus a year earlier.
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When I told them I’m going to the state, that’s when they sent an exterminator to spray for bed bugs and that was it,” Lauder said. North Point Management of Chestnut Ridge, NY, owns the apartment complex. City building officials said they have cited similar problems that Lauder has, in the same building. “You work so hard, you want to relax and think about nothing,” and then problems like this pop up, Lauder said. “I’m stuck here in this apartment.” She said she went to speak with the building manager recently.
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More Headlines If you’ve visited any hotel, home or building that has bedbug infestations, your home and belongings can easily become infested. These bugs are known hitchhikers. Luke Grubb recently stayed at Abilene Hotel, where he said he found bedbugs in the bed. “I noticed something crawling next to my face, kinda disturbed me so I woke up, got out of bed, pulled the sheets back and the whole entire bed was riddled with bedbugs,” Grubb said. He said his stay was cut short, but this story is not uncommon. Homer Galindo, owner of Sure Shot Pest Management, said the Big Country is having an influx in the pesky bugs. “This year has just been, I don’t know why, but all the sudden it’s just exploding, it really is,” Galindo said.
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Several residents said their apartments have been infested with bed bugs, maggots, snakes and even a family of opossums. For months they have filled out work orders and made phone calls and desperate pleas to their property manager to address the issues. Some said they have been threatened with eviction for reaching out to the city about the problems. Not one problem has been fixed, Flanagan said. Robertson said complaints from residents of Bel-Air Place and other apartment complexes contributed to the City Councils passage of an apartment inspection ordinance in 2008.
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