Ensure that drains are kept clear and running and that gutters and drainage pipes are not blocked. Keep rubbish in sealed bins, making sure that lids fit tightly and are kept closed. Dispose of rubbish regularly and in warm weather wash out rubbish bins after collection to prevent flies from breeding at the bottom. Keep them as far away from doors as possible. Cure: Whilst prevention is always better than cure, there may be occasions when one has to resort to pesticides and there are many D-I-Y pest control products available to get rid of pests in low-risk areas.
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This means that you might have a possible pest problem at home. When opting for a do-it-yourself approach, its better to go for non or less toxic methods, such as use of traps, or natural pest controlling techniques.Using traps and natural techniques like using salt, vinegar or soap to prevent pests from becoming a nuisance. There are people who want to control pests through more effective methods. There are many pesticides available at your local hardware store or over the counter, which you can buy and use to debug your house or vicinity. It is however strongly suggested that you thoroughly read the application precautions on the label and only use the recommended amount of the required product.
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This is a result of the accumulation of honeydew (a sweet, sticky excretion of the scale) on surfaces under the plant. If the scale population passes the plant’s tolerance, the plant will begin to lose vigor, and the leaves will yellow and die. Spider mites Spider mites are extremely tiny (barely visible to the naked eye), and the damage they cause is initially very subtle. In the early stages, damage to the foliage causes it to appear dull, faded and unhealthy. With close inspection, tiny, light-colored flecks or spots can be spotted in the leaf tissue, a symptom called “stippling.” As damage increases, new growth may be stunted and deformed, and older leaves may become faded, develop brown edges and begin to drop off. High populations of red spider mites will form webbing where the leaves join the main stem. Control These three pests attack a tremendous variety of plants.
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